Online Branding for the New Generation


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Feenberg (2009), as noted in the previous post, understood the development of social media, one must think about how we would use such a platform where the needs and wants come from everyone and not just the author. The tools that the internet has given us has gone above and beyond just social uses. Because of these platforms, there is now a whole industry based off of social media and it is now used frequently for marketing and branding purposes.

Online Branding

Online and professional branding through social media platforms has become a very popular concept and practice. According to Kilgour, Larke, and Sasser (2014), “many organizations used it as a broadcast media…, but the nature of social media has evolved beyond this point, enabling consumers, rather than corporations alone, to influence and contribute to the content” (p. 327). And as our culture has evolved in its communication styles and preferences, it makes sense that with the openness of online media communication, consumers may trust a review or pitch from an online influencer or blogger than the company itself. It makes the process and experience of consumption much more personal, thus creating more value for the consumer.

sm-4Figure 4. Retrieved from Sandler, J. (2015)

Taking Control of your Brand

Going back to how social media is incorporated into our online and professional branding, Hubert K. Rampersad (2008) states that it is important to take control of your own personal online brand because “your personal brand is the synthesis of all the expectations, images, and perceptions it creates in the minds of others when they see or hear your name” (p. 34). And because social media can show an extension of who you are as a person, it has become more relevant and important for all professionals to incorporate their social media sites to their professional network and portfolio, and to ensure that it is also relevant and appropriate to their goals and experience. Our social interactions are no longer private as they once were. If you post it, it is live for the world to see.


Kilgour, M., Larke, R., & Sasser, S. L. (2015). The social media transformation process: Curating content into strategy. Corporate Communications, 20(3), 326-343. doi:10.1108/CCIJ-07-2014-0046

Rampersad, H. K. (2008). A new blueprint for powerful and authentic personal branding. Performance Improvement, 47(6), 34-37. doi:10.1002/pfi.20007


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