How Journalists are Incorporating Mobile Exposure to the Delivery of News (COM 565)


Mobile learning is another form of technology that has truly impacted the work of communicators because of its versatility and ability to be learn wherever you are, whenever you want. With the growth of how news is being curated and delivered, there has been a modification in how upcoming journalists/communications professional are being taught and exposed to the future of the field (Walck, P. E., Cruikshank, S. A., & Kalyango, Y., 2015). Gathering news doesn’t just come from a person going witness to witness or from place to place to gather information anymore. Many will find their headlines online or through social media. These platforms are being heavily used through mobile usage as well. With that being said, a learning communications professional will need to understand how this new form of new media is going to impact their work in the future.

Ways that students of journalism are being exposed to the how they will use mobile devices in the field incorporate learning about “the inclusion of multi-media components, including recording video, audio clips; “tweeting” information; and posting to Facebook in once-traditional courses” (Walck, P. E., Cruikshank, S. A., & Kalyango, Y., 2015, p. 241). The world of digital journalism continues to expand – from video, to live stream, and through mobile exposure. I leave you with this question – how are you being updated on the news and why do you prefer that format?

For further reading, follow up with this article by Rowena Cormack


Walck, P. E., Cruikshank, S. A., & Kalyango, Y. (2015). Mobile learning: Rethinking the future of journalism practice and pedagogy. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, 70(3), 235-250. Retrieved from


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