How Technology Made an Impact on the Work of Professional Communicators – Digital Journalism (COM 565)

digital journalism

Technology has changed our culture and how society runs on a global platform – simple as that. When you are looking for updates and information on current events or entertainment, where do you turn to? And why? Is it for convenience? Or is it for accuracy? These are questions we must ask ourselves because in the field of communications, there is no exact science anymore as to who can be a journalist and how we gather, then curate content to share with the world. According to Kaul (2013), “with massive changes in the media environment and its technologies, interrogating the nature of news journalism is one of the most urgent tasks we face in defining the public interest today” (p. 127). The influence that technology has had over the work of communicators created an opportunity for new forms of journalism and professional communications work, including digital journalism. There are various and advanced tools that the world of digital journalism has given professional communicators that we cannot deny how much of an impact that has on our culture.

To further explain and showcase this kind of influence and the role technology plays, watch this interview with Tim Pool – Professional Digital Journalist.

Tim Pool Interview

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 9.42.54 PM


Kaul, V. (2013). Journalism in the age of digital technology. Online Journal of    Communication and Media Technologies, 3(1), 125. Retrieved from


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