Who Impacts Who? Technology vs. Culture – COM 565

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Charles Gilkey (2015) explains the impact of technology and culture by stating – “as much as technology is created from the fabric of our culture, technology also creates the fabric of our culture” (para. 7).

Technology has provided many different experiences to our everyday lives, further changing our culture and the expectations we have as a society of each other and the products we use every day. Each month there is a new update, a new app and ever year there seems to always be a new Apple product. This quick advancement in technology has created the expectation that we will always have a new product, that we are entitled to it because why wouldn’t we get it? It happens all the time. And when we don’t get what we want, we either become impatient or we move on the next thing.

Gilkey (2015) continues to provide examples of the influence technology has on culture by listing off ways we might personally see or feel the impact of technology:

  • “Every time you’re at a table with your friends and are balancing interacting with them and interacting with your phone, that’s technology influencing culture”

(para. 11)

  • “Every time you can order something from an online vendor rather than going to a local store, that’s technology influencing culture”

(para. 12).

  • “Every time you go to a new place based on its Yelp profile and reviews, that’s technology influencing culture”

(para. 15).


These are perfect examples to the question that many of us may ask ourselves, are we influencing and creatively making these new experiences or is current technology dictating where we are going next due to the habits it has had us create for ourselves. It is a never ending debate that we may or may not get to. But for now the conversation that needs to be made is how can we take control of ourselves and not let bad habits such as “Binge Watching” effect our lifestyles outside of technology?

To add to this conversation, and to spark more conversations between you and those around you, Ramesh Srinivasan discusses how culture and technology impacts each other other remote places of the world in a TED Talks video here.

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Gilkey, C. (2015, April 21). Technology and Culture Influence Each Other. Retrieved May 21, 2017, from http://www.productiveflourishing.com/technology-and-culture-influence-each-other/


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