What is Your Digital Plan? (COM 565)


Where would we be without modern technology? How could we get through every day not knowing what is going on in the world? It is an interesting concept to wrap our minds around as many of us have grown up with digital media technology. Not only does it have an impact and influence at home, but the roles companies develop now are highly influenced by digital technology. In previous blogs, how media technology has influenced our lives (personally and professionally) were discussed, but now, what comes next? In this blog post, a plan for how to improve some of the technology we face with modern digital technology will be discussed. In addition, a look into our digital communication skills will be discussed.


The collaboration of technology and journalism has been well recognized by our culture and society. It is known that this kind of collaboration and convergence of sources can create many opportunities for communication professionals. Various platforms can now be used, and are at times expected, to promote and market either a product, service, or story. Thus, it is important to understand ways to manage digital technology, with an emphasis of social media, in the workplace. Lotich (2016) further defines these parameters by discussing a few tips companies can follow to help manage social media in the workplace and those include:

  1. Keep up with current technology trends
  2. Determine which avenue works best to use for monitoring and using media
  3. Set Social Media Expectations
  4. Have a Written Policy
  5. Train employees

With the growth that technology has been making so far, companies need to be aware of what is going on around them. How can they continue to make themselves relevant? In addition, the importance of a work/social media balance becomes a larger issue to tackle because of the potential distractions they can bring if employees are using them for purposes outside of company goals. This is where those tips come into play. The tips challenge companies to take control of the media usage that happens at their company. It creates a clear path as to what and when digital media should be used, thus leading to a more effective flow of work being done. And it protects the company’s image by having trained employees to be smart and well educated digital media users.

However, the digital communications field’s influence on our culture expands past the office, past the dinner table, and this is in relations to how intertwined it is with our lives. Furedi (2014) states, “the intermeshing of the virtual with the “real” is part of the reality of contemporary culture” (para. 13). Everything from the way we talk to the way we dress is influenced by the impact digital media and social platforms have on our culture. People are able to reach thousands with the click of a button. Considering that we are now communicating with those outside of our normal circle, one can imagine that we, as a society, have determined new ways to communicate our thoughts and ideas through these various social media platforms.

In conclusion, managing social media/digital communication usage in the workplace assists in keeping on track with the efficiency of time and resources for companies. And when it comes to a reflection of the cultural impact modern digital technology has on us, I leave you with this final question – If you were to change one thing about the way technology impacts you, what would it be and why?

To provide you with further context, which may help you answer the above question, review this video on how your favorite emoji could actually be influencing our communication skills digitally.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 2.25.16 AM


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